National Motor Club is flexible and attentive to what drives your business and tailors your program accordingly. We understand that commercial vehicle owners and operators work inside a business culture requiring higher than average customer satisfaction.

We understand as a vehicle manufacturer it is important for you to delivering inviting, differentiated brand experiences at every customer touch point. Your brands express your personas through the vehicles and services you provide.

We know your vehicles represent the embodiment of your brand’s philosophy, culture, values, beliefs, principles, and design.  At National Motor Club, our service delivery is built around making sure the customer experiences are congruent with the customer’s expectations.

  • Specialized Client Specific Training
    • A “Tow” is not “just a Tow”
    • Brand sensitivity education
  • Superior Reputation for End Customer Support
    • Commercial vehicles represent much more than just transportation
    • Time is money
  • Building Customers for Life
    • The roadside service experience can impact future buying decisions
  • Pre-Tow Verification with the Dealer on capabilities and acceptance
  • Synergies with upfitters
  • Dealer Repair Facility Network Management
  • Assistance for utility and livestock trailers