Our Commitment to You

National Motor Club is committed to upholding a strong partnership with you. We offer you increased dispatch volume, competitive rates, online billing, fast payment, highly trained dispatchers, and a vendor relations staff available to speak directly with you. These are a few ways we demonstrate our dedication to your success.

ISPs dedicated to customer service are our first priority and receive most of our business. To ensure NMC rewards its service providers fairly, we have implemented a service provider rating program. Within this program, a rating system ensures that we are offering business to ISPs who are dedicated to quality service, have appropriate equipment, and maintain current insurance and licenses.

Our Quick Payment Options

We understand you are running a business and have financial obligations. That is why we are committed to paying you quickly for services rendered. We offer several billing options that allow us to process your invoice faster, resulting in expedited payment.

1. Online

We often are told that our online processing is the easiest in the industry. Submit your invoice by logging in to the provider area on  www.nmca.com and your payment will be processed within 10 days.

2. Mail or Fax

Payment is issued within 30 days if you mail or fax your invoice.

3. Direct Deposit

With our automatic deposit option, you also have the flexibility to have your payment directly deposited into your bank account. Or, if you prefer, we will mail your check to you.

Because you are an integral part of our success, we continually strive to improve our service to you. We want to hear your comments and suggestions. For further details about the program or to discuss any concerns, please contact our Vendor Department at 1-800-285-4977.

Vendor Testimonials
“It is a relief to work with a company that is always striving to help its service providers as well as its members.” - Mona Chiusano, Casey’s Auto Service, Inc.
“…with the variety of towing calls your company handles, we have had a good source of revenue from Coach-Net.” - John Hill, Southern Kentucky Towing Services
“Coach-Net’s Vendor Relations staff is among the friendliest in the business. They are always available to answer any of my questions or help solve any of my concerns. Coach-Net’s dispatch staff is among the most professional in the business. The dispatchers are always concise and accurate.”
- Mike Inman, Auto Rescue
“Coach-Net has done its part by paying invoices in a timely manner and working with us to find a solution to whether something is covered or not. This cooperation has reduced the amount of time our bookkeeper has to spend resubmitting invoices for payment.” - Jeff Asher, B.C. Towing