National Motor Club’s commitment to technology is an ongoing process rooted in the principles of delivering the best service available to our clients and customers. We employ state-of-the-art applications to facilitate prompt roadside assistance, strengthen our independent service provider network, enhance customer service and reduce operating costs. We follow a development methodology that allows us to deliver reports and applications in short cycle times, ensure the highest quality and incorporate the appropriate technologies. National Motor Club’s technology capabilities offer distinct advantages:

  • Business alignment with client and customer needs
  • Knowledge and flexibility
  • Communication and responsiveness

Our technology environment not only provides superior, dependable applications and customer service, it allows for flexibility in creating the appropriate solutions for our clients.

Mapping Tools

Our goal is to minimize the amount of time our customers wait by the roadside, and get them back on the road quickly and safely. National Motor Club’s proprietary mapping technology enhances the quality and speed of map-based information accessible to call center agents, significantly eclipsing the time it takes to locate and route the calling customer to the nearest preferred local service provider.


Our dynamic infrastructure supports the unique demands of our 24 by 7 operation. Our intuitive system supports 100% digital call recording to measure call quality and standards. Our closed-loop process confirms your customers receive road service on time by automatically contacting your customer to verify the provider’s arrival.

911 Safety Assurance

Customer safety is our top priority. Each roadside assistance call is answered by asking the member if they are in a safe location. National Motor Club / Coach-Net was the first roadside assistance provider to incorporate a 911 feature into our mapping system using a Public Service Access Point (PSAP) database, which provides direct contact numbers for the emergency response center based on the caller’s exact location. Unlike zip-code-prompting and cell-tower-driven mapping solutions, our 911 link is based on GPS technology, providing an unmatched level of personal safety and response.